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Ferrari 550 Maranello Owner:

I’m a car guy, but I’m definitely not a show car guy.  I race formula cars, so I’m more concerned about speed than appearance – we always quote the 100/100 rule: if it looks good at 100mph from 100 feet, that’s all that matters. So, a few years ago I got this ’99 Ferrari 550 Maranello to drive on the street for fun.  I thought it looked fantastic…remember my standards!  When a friend with an F355 recommended DJ Mayo to come do his magic on the paint on my car, I thought I’d probably be wasting my money since I had no intentions of ever showing it and it already looked great to me.  I talked to DJ on the phone, and he traveled down to my house to have a look and let me know what he thought it needed.  My race car crew chief was there (he knows paint and bodywork) and we both could tell that DJ really, really knew what he was doing.  And on top of that he’s a truly nice, personable young man.  I told him to go ahead with his mid-level correction. DJ came down and spent almost two full days working on the 550.  And I mean working – he worked his tail off the whole time he was there.  He would show me the difference in appearance where he taped off sections he worked from those he hadn’t.  When he was done the appearance was phenomenal.  I’m not talking about just looking at the paint close up for flaws or scratches (there aren’t any now), I’m talking about transforming the entire appearance of the car, close up, at a distance, sun or shade.  The Rosso Corsa color looks so right. His follow up was superb as well.  He emailed me a list of the products I need and the process to use to wash and maintain the finish on my car.  I’m looking forward to having him down next year to check and see how I’ve done, and fix anything I’ve done badly! I’ve driven it several times since then, and each and every trip I have had people come up to me an comment on the paint, on the depth, the color and the flawless finish.  My takeaway is that even if you don’t think your car needs it, it probably does.  And DJ can do “it” far better than most!


Mercedes SL600 V12 Owner:

I’m the owner of this particular car and I just wanted to stop in say that it’s really jaw dropping at what DJ was able to achieve with it. I had no idea the shape it was in, prior to seeing the before pics. I mean, I knew it had some swirls but I guess that there was so much wax/filler in there, that it was masking the true issues. I did my homework on DJ before tossing my keys to him for a week. It’s one thing to hand over the keys to my E-Class or R-Class, but this car is a completely different animal. The others are daily beaters, but this car is my dream car, my passion, my marital affair. I read nothing but good things about him, so I loaded up the family and they followed me for the 100+ miles down to see him. We chatted for a few minutes, I left the keys and made the 100 mile trip back home, with a 4 year old and 20 month old nonetheless. I got daily updates from DJ, as I’m sure he was very aware of the tremendous trepidation, I had, associated with leaving a 600+ hp supercar in the hands of a complete stranger. I told him it was okay to do some smokey burnouts as long as he took pictures and cleaned up his mess in the fender wells, though. As you can see, the results were nothing short of jaw dropping. I’m one of those dummies that just assumed black cars are black cars and swirls are part of the contract. I wasn’t quite prepared for what I saw. I’d never seen black look so……well…..BLACK! Truly a testament to his dedication, hard work and stratospheric skill set.
I was a giddy child, with a new toy. Got nothing but thumbs up and stares the whole way home. AND IT WAS NIGHTTIME! As DJ mentioned, the dolts at the tint shop thought they’d do me a favor and wipe down the car with a MF cloth after installation. My knees almost buckled when I saw the huge sweeping clean spots on an otherwise road salt and dirt covered car. After having a spirited conversation with the owner, they agreed to pay for the damages. But not before offering to have their “detail guy” clean it up. “No chance” I said. I’m going to the guy that others go to, to learn how to do this stuff. True to their word, I handed them the bill and they handed me cash. Twas an accident, but still hurt like hell as the car hadn’t even been washed since DJ transformed her into the work of art she is. The second time he worked his voodoo on her, it was a much easier task. Six hours instead of 5 days.The ride home this time, was a different story. It was a daylight, top down drive home. I counted 4 thumbs, and countless stares. I can’t say enough about the work that this man does. Truly an artist in his field and a great guy. Maybe those burnouts are still an option…

Thanks again, DJ.