DJ Mayo Studios – Located in Northern, Va and servicing vehicles throughout the United States. 


DJ Mayo Studios was designed and built around quality and professionalism. With clients throughout the United States, I have been able to offer custom services on the finest of automobiles. With preservation the top priority, you can be assured that everything is done with the utmost care and best interest for the vehicle not only for today, but for years to come.

My clients and I have an understanding that proper paint reconditioning and preservation is more than just a service, it’s a highly skilled position that is only offered by a select few throughout the world. At DJ Mayo Studios we offer a handful of custom services and reconditioning packages that are built around meeting and exceeding individual and group needs. Everything from daily drivers, prep for sale, weekend cars, or exotic car collections, DJ Mayo Studios has a service for you.


DJ Mayo Studios is a proud Author of the Detailed Image Ask-A-Pro Blog Team since 2009. There you will find automotive car care articles from only a few hand selected members throughout the country.

DJ Mayo Studios has teamed up with Todd Cooperider of Esoteric Auto Detail on numerous occasions for private car collections where the photos and articles have been published on Autoblog.com and AutoSpies.com